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How to Allow Your Website Users to Delete Their WordPress Account

If you are looking for a way to allow your website users to delete their WordPress account, you are not the only one. The WordPress forgot password & WordPress reset password options are very common to find in a website but in the majority of the website, you will not be able to find an option to delete their account.
This can be done with the help of WordPress support plugin named "Delete Me" or you can also use a shortcode from Delete Me plugin.
Why Allow User's to Delete Their Account?
There are several factors why anyone likes their WordPress user account deleted. They can include receiving an E-mail spam, a standoff in the comments section, also not agreeing with the material Creators view, not liking their present username, and several other reasons.
But it is not within the power of visitor to delete their user account. They have to send a request to web developer which increase their work. By providing an easy access to their users to delete their account, you can reduce the work of your team.
From a negative point of view, it may not be the best thing to give a visitor the option to delete the account. Visitors can be very erratic and delete their account for any reason. Then they'll try to contact you to get their account restored somehow. It's also one less subscriber on your subscription list. This can hurt your email marketing campaign because it's very difficult to get people first.
Method to Install & Activate Delete Me Plugin
With WordPress plugin support, many important features can be activated in WordPress. Delete me is also one of that plugin which let you allow the users to delete their WordPress account.
To install this plugin, open your WordPress admin dashboard and find Plugin & Add New option. On the right side of the menu, find the Floating search bar and enter Delete me to find the plugin.
after finding the correct plugin, click on "Install Now" button. WordPress will now download & install the plugin for you. After successful installation, activate the plugin.
Go back to your WordPress admin dashboard now and Settings, you will find  a new option "Delete Me"
The very first set of tick boxes is the roles on your website. Any boxes checked will allow this particular role to delete its own account. By default, Admin Level Roles already have the right to delete their own profiles so that it is not the option you may choose. Select an appropriate option to allow users to delete their account.
You can now add a thank you or see you seen comment in Landing URL option.

Allowing users to delete their WordPress account has its own advantages & disadvantages. If your website is new we recommend you not to enable this option as getting sign up from new users would be difficult for you in future. Once you establish the online business & reach the certain number of sign-ups, you can enable this option for the users.

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