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Want to Localize Your New Mobile App? Here’s What You Need to Do

After developing your mobile app, you want to increase its reach, so that the number of users rises. The best way to increase the visibility of your app is to localize it, a process where your product meets the cultural and linguistic requirements of a different market. In mobile app development, localization is a great way to make your product competitive and create a powerful brand image. Here is a simple guide on how to localize your new mobile app:

Localize Your New Mobile App

Select a localization strategy

The first step is to select a strategy, which suits the needs of your business. For instance, one technique is to localize the entire app, create local campaigns, and distribute it to small communities. However, you need a lot of resources to implement this strategy.

On the other hand, the most popular strategy is going the minimum viable localization (MVL) route, which is cheaper and effective. After understanding the needs of the users in a specific region, you translate it into their language. Depending on how the audience receives your app, you can scale the localization process accordingly.

Choose a target market

As there are different markets all over the world, you need to select one or a handful of them to expand the reach of your mobile app. With this technique, you can keep the cost and time spent in localization low, which works well for your business. Conduct research on all the markets, see which ones look promising, and add them to your strategy. 

Hire translators

Avoid Google Translate for your localization efforts as the converted text may not be grammatically correct. You need to hire translators who specialize in specific languages, to ensure your target audience understands all aspects of your app. If your business doesn’t have the necessary resources to hire translators, you can always crowd-source or outsource it.

Start internationalization

Localization doesn’t only mean you translate the content on the Google Play Store/Apple App Store and your app. You need to ensure that the design product supports different languages, a process known as internationalization in mobile app development. For example, you need to create different resource files and translate the content in each one to a different language.

Provide reference materials

Translators are efficient in converting the text in your app to a different language. However, you can improve the effectiveness of their work by providing context, which allows them to understand all the content in your app. For example, if you can provide materials to show your translators the tone of your content.

Use a translation management system, to make the entire process of localization easier. Follow the instructions on this guide to localize your mobile app!

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