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Why Businesses Should Shift to Fiber Optic Connectivity

When we are talking about Internet Connectivity, it is an unsaid fact that we will concentrate more on the latest connectivity trends instead of brooding over the past, unless we are reminiscing the not so good old days of internet. And the latest trend of internet is flooded with fiber optic connectivity, and people are all-praise about this new technology that ensures both speed and affordability.

The new fiber optic connectivity has reached almost every urban household as well as in businesses in no time. The rise in the usage of fiber optic technology speaks of its goodness and that is worth noting down.

Fiber Optic Connectivity

High-Speed Internet

When it comes to internet, the first thing any user will be allured with is speed. And the first reason behind the popularity of the Fiber optic technology is that till date, it can be counted as one of the fastest connectivity options in the global market. With this technology the browsing speed can go as high as 100GBps, which saves the businesses from suffering any downtime. In contrast to other slower connections, the Fiber Optic Connectivity ensures that a business stays productive round the clock not leaving any chance to its customers go dissatisfied.

Higher Bandwidth

The bandwidth that comes with fiber optic connectivity is much higher than options like DSL and others. This stands beneficial for any business that operates at a high rate of data transmission. Many times for such reasons the internet provider employs a cap on their data usage, because of which the businesses will prefer to have an option that will allow them to transmit as much data as their business needs per day. With Fiber Optic Technology, online activities like file sharing, web conferencing, streaming high definition videos get smoother because of the bandwidth it is able to provide.

Web Security

No technology can finally get a good reputation unless it is able to save your business from the risk of hacking. Cable tapping has been providing the hackers quite easy an access to the confidential data of a business, and that made the cable internet unpopular to a large extent. On the other side Fiber optic cables leaves no such loopholes for the hackers, unless the cables are damaged by action of physically cutting them, which will anyway expose the hackers if they try it in broad daylight. What more? Even if they manage to cut the cable, the first thing that happens is that the signal disappears. Hence no more data gets transferred during such actions and in the process the business data stay safe from the encroachment of cyber-crime.

Access to Cloud Storage

The option to store data in Cloud has been a boon to businesses that has to store a huge amount of data. Fiber optic connectivity offers this option with their Software-as-a Service (SaaS) tools. Therefore, maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers become easy with Fibe Optic Technology.


Though opting for fiber optic might appear to be expensive at the beginning, the benefit and cost effectiveness will show up with time, as the overall productivity and efficiency of your business increases with almost zero latency troubles and you save on time as you won’t have to pay extra to ensure web security.

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