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Tips to keep in mind before buying a new domain

The domain is a keyword or a key phrase that is used to name the website that you have developed and want to put it live on the internet. Domain selection can be done in various manners looking at all the parameters. Domains are available for sale on different platforms such as Namecheap. There is an art in selecting the domain names for your website. Here are some tips which will help you build an attractive website name which will not only be appealing but also optimize the search results, thus, enhancing your reach.

Namecheap is the portal from where you cannot only get the domain names for a reasonable price but also, you can avail different features present on the website. If you are an organization who needs a web host, you can use the host sharing feature of the website. Using Namecheap is easy and can be used without much technical knowledge. You need to sign up on the website and write the domain name you want. If it is available, you can go ahead, select the domain name and pay for the domain. This would be available at different prices depending on what is the time period for which you want the domain to work. Moreover, the website can be used for the web hosting too. You can sign up for the servers on the website to host your website at the reasonable price. The website helps you to register a new domain all together or you can also buy the domain names which are for sale and are already registered on the website. You can use the namecheap promocode to avail more discount on the sale of the domain names and even while registering your new domain name.

How to select the right domain?

Choose an easy name

The easy name is the key to success of your website. It is an important aspect to make sure you use proper English rather than using slang, abbreviations, and numerical values. If you are using slang such as one letter instead of the word, it will be difficult for the customers to figure out the exact name. If you are using abbreviations and numerical values, they may not be easy for the user to remember and thus, tend to skip it.

Keep the name short

It is essential to keep the name of your website short and crisp. It should only highlight the name of your company followed by the extension that you choose for the website. This will have various advantages. You can include various other subparts under the same webpage and the people will not have to search for different web pages for different services provided by your company.

Use keywords and key phrases

Using keywords and key phrases are the real crack to a successful website. If the website has a longer name, there is a huge possibility of the user committing a mistake in typing the name or they might write the wrong spelling of the website name.

Target the Area

The website name should be such that it aims at the products that you are aiming at. The name could be the name of the product that you are selling or the sector that you are working in. If your website contains information about the commerce definitions, you can choose a name that targets that has a keyword regarding the commerce.

Avoid numbers

There should be a couple of things that you should be taking care of while you are naming the website. You should avoid the numbers in the name of your website. You should also make sure that the website name does not have hyphens. It will only create confusion and errors of mistyping or misspelling.

Why buy and transfer domain names?

Domain names can be bought or transferred via trusted online portals such as Namecheap. The domain names can be purchased according to the usage of the website or according to the name of the company.

How to buy domain names?

There are different types of parameters that have to be taken care of when you are buying the domain name for your website. The parameters are the ones which will help you expand your customer base. This is done by various methods such as search engine optimization, advertisements, etc. The domain names can be bought from online platforms based on the requirement. Generally, they are divided into three main categories.

First, the reach of the domain names. Whenever you are purchasing a domain name, the commonality of the name is seen by the sellers. If the name is very common, they charge more than what is charged for unusual names. But, on platforms such as Namecheap, they charge the same amount for all the types of domain names.

Secondly, the prices are based on the subscription. The subscription starts at almost 49 cents a month.
Why transfer domain names?

It is not a rigidity to keep the domain as it is the way you bought it. If you have bought the domain from saying brand A, and if they are not giving you proper services, you can always change the web hosting partners your company has. Several problems such as the expiration of domain, target failure, website failure, broken website, etc. are very common.

Many companies keep switching the web hosting partners so that, there is no long-term problem faced in the website loading. If you switch the web host of your website, you will not have to worry about the data that you have already loaded on the website. You will not have to reprogram the website and market it. You just have to change the host keeping the domain name same. This will solve the problems that your website is facing as well as, the customers can browse seamlessly.

Domain names are the ones that determine the success of your website online. So, choose the domain name and the web host very carefully because you would not problems once the website is up and running on the internet.

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