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Security cameras – An amazing surveillance technology

Security Cameras – An overview

Have you ever felt a slight spasm of anxiety when you leave your house? After you have locked your door, don’t you pull the lock twice or thrice to check whether it is capable of safeguarding your property behind you? When you are at a party, doesn’t your anxiety to know what’s exactly going on in every nook and cranny of your home worry you? If you and your spouse are a working parent leaving your child under the care of a governess, don’t you feel the urge to know what’s happening to your baby behind you? Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to stay in two places at the same time. It is at this time that a security camera comes as a boon to calm your nerves. With surveillance cameras all around you, your day-to-day life is able to experience higher levels of security each day.

Security cameras

Functioning of Security Cameras for your home

Signals captured by your security cameras are received by security digital video recorder, compressed and stored in a hard drive of the computer. These can be received either via wireless communication links or by means of a private coaxial cable, which makes them “closed circuit.” The recorded footage can then be retrieved later as a reference to any suspicious activity or mishap.

Placement of security cameras

A security camera can be placed in strategic locations in and around your home or business, and depending on its size, can remain anonymous. Mountable cameras can be placed in ceilings and on walls, while stand-alone offers more flexibility and can rest on shelves or even bookcases. Several security cameras, placed independently in various locations, are ideal for working together to capture video. Security cameras are capable of wide range viewing, so placing them in a corner area of the room will enable them to view a good portion of the room that is unobstructed.

Types of Security Cameras

Quick references of the common type of security cameras available in the market are as below:

·         Box Camera
·         Dome Camera
·         PTZ Camera
·         Bullet Camera
·         IP Camera
·         Day/Night Camera
·         Thermal (FLIR) Camera
·         Camera
·         Wireless IP Camera

Wireless Security Camera System

Wired security camera systems are the most traditional type of surveillance camera and need to be connected to a DVR or NVR recorder to store and view the security footage. With the advancement of technology, wireless security camera systems are on the rise today instead of the traditional wired ones. Just that these systems do not have wired connections and can simply be installed anywhere, has made these wireless security camera systems more appealing to owners. The best wireless security camera system can also be connected to a voice-controlled smart assistant and you will be able to use them as a doorbell. Wireless cameras are also known as wireless IP cameras, which collect and stream data over the wireless network.

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