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The dos and don’ts of a co working space

Do you fall into the budding category of entrepreneurs considering an option of shared office space in golf course extension road Gurgaon? The option of co working space in Golf course extension road Gurgaon seems to be an excellent idea until you have to deal with irritating co -workers. Such a concept of shared workspace allows you liberty to come late at work but some social rules are to be followed in such an environment.

The dos

Take permission

You could be boss of your company, but you are not boss of an entire flagship. Sometimes you might have to take permission for even trivial matters so that your co-workers are not offended. Example would be if you want to listen to music you need to ask others whether you can put it on or not. Earphone could be an option.

Stick to your work premises

Take into consideration that a work space allotted to you is your designated area as there are others in a set up. Do not spread over things to other people places and do not use up their space. This is personal table manners and stick to it as far as possible.

About co working space be neat and clean

Since you might be thinking you are evading to others work spaces it is ok to keep your desk messy. But just think when you need to invite over a client to your office and they find the workplace disgusting. Just imagine what impression they would have in their minds.

Be compassionate

Bad days can happen to anyone and so be it with your co-workers. Even if you have a bad day at work you need to be accommodating towards your co-workers and cheer them up. Understand that you will have badly days as well, so in the community of shared co working spaces considerable moral support is provided.

The not

No playing music or talking loudly

Indifferent  on how your day might be, do not play music or talk loudly. Others might have important tasks to complete within the stipulated deadlines.

Avoid personal calls when you are in a shared co working space

No one wants to be aware of your personal problems, and when you take calls it could be a cause of annoyance for others. When you get a personal call just walk away from the place so that others can concentrate on their work.

Clean your desk after having food

Once you are done with lunch does not keep eatables lying on the table. If you do not follow the basic manners then you might have a difficult time to garner support of your co-workers.

In a nut shell show an attitude of compassion and be considerate to people with whom you are sharing your office space. Rent a co working space could prevent unnecessary distractions like sitting in a cyber café- so help each and everyone in such a case. Once you are aware of the dos and don’ts of co working space things become easy.

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