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The Widespread Fame Around Blockchain Technology

The commendable speed with which crypto took off in the initial years of its inception has unfortunately gone down in a significant fashion. Cryptocurrency’s market cap went from $25 billion in April 2017 to US$813 billion in February 2018 which, by the way, was its steepest point. However, there was an exorbitant drop in these numbers in the next few months and came down to $122 billion by November 2018 & remains stagnant ever since.

With the crypto market progressing at the speed of a turtle, the investors are undoubtedly in bad shape, nevertheless, this doesn’t have any effect on the popularity of Blockchain Technology which is still going steady. There is a common misconception that the crypto winter to going to have an adverse effect over the advancement of utilitarian distributed ledger technology which is far from being a reality.

Blockchain Technology

As a matter of fact, the enthusiastic market for Blockchain technology is experiencing rapid growth at a CAGR of 80.2 percent. It is anticipated to jump from $1.2 billion in 2018 to $23.2 billion by the year 2023. So, the hype around crypto might have cooled off but, the Blockchain is developing and grabbing everyone’s attention in full swing.

First-grade organizations like Walmart and Goldman Sachs are investing in Blockchain. So, you can imagine the extent of promises that this technology has the potential to fulfill. It would not be entirely wrong to say that most big firms are still dealing with the foregoing trend of exploiting Big Data, there is a considerably huge stratum of industries that are eager to experiment with the Blockchain Technology.  Going by studies, there are over eighty gigantic corporations scattered over fifty different industries that are actively working on this ingenious technology.

Being compared to how the internet used to be in the ‘90s, Blockchain is on its way of making a revolution in the disparate aspects of our lives. Removing the need for involving a central authority when transferring value, this technological marvel has the capacity to become mainstream any time soon.

The Excessive Demand for Certified Blockchain Professionals

Experts have a solid feeling that the unparalleled technology of Blockchain represents the future. It prevailing in every second industry and that naturally creates an enormous demand for professionals with the skill to develop, maintain and use it is the utmost efficacious way possible.
Every company wants to stay ahead of the game which is not possible without adopting latest technology and with Blockchain becoming the most sought-after innovation in the tech world, there is no way that people with the skills to utilize it shall not be chased by countless employers.

And, by good fortune, there is a myriad of Blockchain Certification programs offered by top-notch institutions that have taken up the duty of developing a category of professionals who can do wonders with this technology and help organizations leverage it to succeed in their industry.

The Relevance of Blockchain Certifications

Though, there is a multitude of ways in which one can learn about Blockchain, however, the best sources that are emanating knowledge regarding this unique creation are Blockchain Certifications and providentially, there are numerous institutions worldwide that are associated with the brightest brains and innovators of the Blockchain realm and are offering highly communicative programs that one can leverage to start off their career with a blast.

A character that makes Blockchain Certifications an unmatched commodity is that they are not only designed around basic skills to match the need of newbie trying to enter the industry but are also appropriate for experienced developers who are interested in going into the smallest of details of the Blockchain subject.

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